Purchase of used furniture

And how we can best help you get rid of your old furniture.

Frequently asked questions

Can you pick up my old furniture?

Yes, we can easily do that.

If you wish to collect your old furniture in connection with the delivery of an order, you can arrange this by contacting us before or shortly after you order.

Do you buy used furniture?

Very rarely.

We always recommend that you try to sell your used furniture yourself. Many are successful with Facebook groups and Den Blå Avis.

Why don't you buy furniture?

It should be fun for everyone.

We are rarely able to offer your desired price for used furniture and cannot sell it on with a guarantee. We recommend that you try to sell your old furniture yourself. Then you have money for new furniture and other fun things.

Questions and answers

Do you also collect if my new furniture is financed?
Yes of course. It makes no difference how you choose to pay.

Do I need to clean my furniture before you pick it up?
You are very welcome - Life in the salon is a bit crazy sometimes. It is not a requirement.

What happens to my furniture
It's very different. Most often, they will be taken for recycling and disposed of responsibly. If the furniture is in good condition, it will be sold to a third party and recycled.

Why should I give you my furniture for free?
Many choose to do it because it is easy. Very simple. By letting us pick up your used furniture, you completely avoid having to deal with any hassle yourself.

Do you earn money collecting my furniture?
As a starting point; no. If we do, it's minimal and the money goes directly to holding exciting events and improving our showroom. This is what we are passionate about.

Are there product types that you do not pick up?
Yes, consumables such as scissors, combs, cotton wool and shampoo.