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Upgrade your hairdressing salon with our exclusive selection of hairdressing equipment. Our hairdressing equipment includes everything you need to create a stylish and functional workplace that impresses your customers. Create the perfect salon with our high-quality hairdressing furniture.

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Clara 2 Rullebord Comfortel Just Add PeopleClara 2 Rullebord Comfortel Just Add People
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Buy hairdressing equipment for your hairdressing salon

Explore durable salon furniture such as hairdressing chairs , barber chairs , hairdressing sinks and hairdressing mirrors at affordable prices. Create a unique and stylish hairdressing salon with our exclusive hairdressing equipment from Takara Belmont . Shop e.g. the iconic Adria II , which you probably know from several of the world's biggest shows and salon chains. You can also explore the Australian brand Comfortel , which can always deliver the latest in hairdressing fixtures and equipment. Get a better everyday life and avoid work injuries with the right equipment and customer chairs at the right height, for good shoulder ergonomics.

If you need help, you can always contact us. We would love to help you have an even better everyday life.


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See our exclusive hairdresser inventory

Are you the type who wants to see, feel and try before you buy hairdressing equipment? Maybe you go for exclusive and beautiful design? Cool! Then you can look forward to experiencing exclusive hairdressing equipment, at Just Add People, in the Nordics' largest showroom, made especially for hairdressers and beauty artists. In the old capital, Viborg, you can go exploring in an indoor salon city, filled with complete concepts and sensual inspiration you won't forget. See times and book your visit online, or call us during opening hours so we can help you find an appointment. We are already looking forward to seeing you.

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Create your dream salon with our help

If you need help on how to best get started, questions about hairdressing equipment, pump heights or perhaps something else entirely, you've come to the right place. Just Add People has helped Danish and Scandinavian hairdressers and beauty artists with exactly this for more than 30 years. If you're just looking for inspiration, you can now experience Denmark's most inspiring showroom, filled with complete furnishings, where you can explore store concepts and get personal advice on how to get the most success and joy in your everyday life. Have a sensual experience you won't forget. Get help via e-mail , or see available times for personal advice in the Nordics' largest showroom, full of hairdressing equipment.

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