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Discover the secrets of selling more with less as a hairdresser. The blog post here delves into the importance of simplifying your sales area and optimizing your product range. Learn how to focus on value, not features, so you can send your customers home with a great experience, as well as some delicious products.

23. January 2024

Optimize Your Product Selection

Optimization is about more than just reducing the number of products. It's about choosing the best and most effective products for your customers. Many people think that a wider range of products is the way to success, but you have probably tried standing in a shop with 7 different face creams where they actually do the same thing. By removing unnecessary sales items, you make the choice easier for your customers . Identify your top performers and consider removing products that do not add significant value to your customers or revenue to your business. You must therefore try to make each product in your range serve a clear purpose and meet the needs of your customers.

Simplify Your Sales Area

Now that you have selected your customers' favorite products, it is time to look at how you will display them. We recommend sales shelves or wall shelves for displaying individual items. of each product. See e.g. the banner image on the post here, where we have used the Stratos shelves to create a clear display and sales area at a beautician.

Save money? Yes!

By following the above two points, you will not only save money now, but also in the long run. You save money here and there because you don't need as many shelves. Super simple. You save money in the long run because you don't have to buy so many different items home all the time.

Focus on Value, Not Features

When interacting with customers, it is important to shift the focus from the product's features to the value it adds to their lives. Don't just explain how a shampoo contains natural ingredients; explain what it means and how it makes the customer's life better.

A good example

A hair wax might have the words "extreme hold". That doesn't mean much to the customer who hasn't tried it before. Try to put yourself in the customer's shoes. It could be that they have cycled to you and now have to cycle to work. Explain to them that wax is perfect if you just need to straighten your hair during the day. The customer will therefore be able to see the advantage of being able to straighten his hair after cycling.

Final words

By simplifying your sales area, optimizing your selection and focusing on value, you can not only make your products attractive and increase your sales, but also improve the experience for your customers. Give it a try - it actually works.




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Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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