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Staying professionally sharp as a hairdresser or beauty artist is essential for success in an industry full of trends. This post explores different ways hairdressers can stay up-to-date, from hands-on courses and evening shows to online inspiration via social media.

19. January 2024

Hands-on Courses and Workshops

Participating in hands-on courses and workshops is a great way to immerse yourself in new techniques and trends. Many suppliers and shampoo brands offer courses ranging from basic cutting to advanced coloring techniques.

Evening shows with Models

Evening shows with models are an exciting way to experience the latest trends and techniques. These events, often organized by leading hairdressing brands, offer the opportunity to see professional hairdressers, and household names, in action and gain insight into their personal, creative processes.

Online Inspiration via Social Media

Social media is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Hairstylists can follow industry leaders, join online communities and explore hashtags to discover new styles, color combinations and cutting techniques. Our favorite source of inspiration is Instagram!

Online Blogs

Reading blog posts keeps you updated on the latest trends, products and techniques. You read e.g. this post because you want to stay professionally sharp - like that! You are too cool!

Experiment with New Techniques

Experimenting with new techniques on brave clients or on practice heads is a great hands-on approach to learning. This not only creates experience, but also allows you to develop your own unique style.

Professional trade fair events

Attending professional hairdressing trade fair events provides a unique opportunity to see and try new products, learn from experts and network with like-minded professionals. They are just a google search away.

Online Courses, Webinars and YouTube

Online courses, webinars and video are ideal for hairdressers with busy schedules. These digital learning opportunities cover everything from technical skills to business strategies.






Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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