How do you say hairdresser in English?

When it comes to describing hair expertise in English, we are faced with the choice between two terms: "hairdresser" and "hair stylist." Let's dive into these terms and explore their nuances and meanings.

22. January 2024

Hairdresser vs. Hair Stylist

Hairdresser and hair stylist can both be used, but there are some slight differences. While "hairdresser" traditionally refers to a professional who cuts hair, "hair stylist" carries a more artistic and creative tone.


The term "hairdresser" primarily suggests skills in cutting and possibly coloring. It can, for example, be a men's hairdresser who typically only cuts the customer's hair.

Hair Stylist

"Hair stylist" embraces a more creative approach to hair. This expression brings to mind an artist who not only cuts hair but also creates unique and stylish expressions. It can, for example, be a stylist who makes models ready for fashion shows. Some stylists don't cut hair at all.



Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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